SMILE & SAY CHEEESE are 2 things you will never ever hear the notorious nightlife & lifestyle photographer Marty Marn say. Posing is for posers. Instead, his infamous signature style consist of creating ánd capturing the most energetic, crazy, sexy, wild and powerful moments of every event without you even knowing it. 

Somewhere between an art director and a hypeman, Marty transforms every single person in the crowd by bringing out their true self. Some are wild, some are fierce, some are gorgeous, some are sweet, some are crazy but all are captured in epic and timeless shots forever. It doesn’t matter if you’re front and centre or backstage, everyone is addicted to Marty’s lens.

It’s safe to say that Marty’s pictures capture the full spectrum of any project.
While he’s out creating breath taking moments, he never forgets to keep his eye on the prize. Covering the money shot moments of your productions, the highlights of your stage and every epic moment of your crowd is a must.

Besides ruling event photography, Marty has developed a more than solid career in lifestyle and portrait photography. Shooting campaigns for high profile brands and artists like Red Bull, Yellow Claw’s streetwear label Blood for Mercy and the longest list of spectacular personalities you have ever seen.

Known for his consistent ability to deliver even more than expected, Marty is without a doubt a sure shot!